Top 5 best eCommerce template for blogger in 2021

Blogger is the second best platform for creating a website after WordPress and the first free platform to make your own website among all of the free making websites on the internet. And they provide you many facilities such as your own domain name (, Free SSL certificate, or many attractive free themes. The Top 5 best eCommerce template for blogger in 2021 are- Sora cart, Easycart, Ubbok, Sora store, Books cart.

You can make any type of website through your blogger and even you can also make your own online e-commerce website for free if you have knowledge about HTML (Hypertext markup language) and CSS because in blogger there was only one way to edit theme and the way is to edit theme through HTML codes.

In Blogger Dashboard many attractive themes provided by Blogger but these themes are not suitable for our blogging niche then we can install theme/templates from any third party website. First we need to download it and second extract it into archive file or install it in you blogger or edit this. So we see “how to download or install blogger templates” in any other article. First we see blogger templates/themes for online ecommerce website.


SORASHOP is 1st Online e-commerce template for blogger full of data and categories. It is the Best apparel online e-commerce website template for blogger. You can edit this theme with the help of HTML codes. And some changes you must done for creating an e-commerce website are- logo, categories, Social media handles, and many things that need to change to make a perfect e-commerce website. Some features of SORASHOP templates are.

  1. in most of the header side, you can find logo, Social media handles, a contact list for customers, and in the last cart section with no. You can change your logo through your website logo, You can add links to social media handles, You can replace the contact details of your company. In contact details you can add your company email, phone no. and the last Whatsapp no. the background color is blue you can also change it or replace it with other images.
  2. On the just bottom side of the Header, you can found labels and a search bar. The labels show with text as well as text and images and you can replace labels according to your e-commerce niche. And in the bottom side of this label section, you can found Report, FAQ, Terms of Use, Policy, Offer Zone, Today’s Deals, Best Sellers,Blog, Contact Us, About Us, Support section is placed.
  3. After all this, you see a slider that randomly slides after some time, and on one side of the slider is the Categories list is there and on another side you see product list.
  4. After these all you can add your product catalog and products.


EASYCART is a very responsive template than SORASHOP. In EASYCART there less uses of HTML codes and CSS codes compare to SORASHOP. The HTML language used to make a website page or website template only can make just like text, blocks, and add images. And other most important codes CSS the CSS codes play a most important part in website template editing because all design, color, text type added by using CSS Codes in the website HTML section. The EASYCART is very simple and small which makes it very responsive for mobile phones. some features of these templates are-

  1. In the header section again in this template you can found the logo, About, content, and cart section with a simple font. You can change the logo with your website logo and add the link in the about section in the about label through the theme editor. the background color of the header side is black which looks attractive.
  2. After the header side, you found the product catalog and product list. And the right side you can add your social media handles.
  3. In the Footer, you can add your categories or some recent product of your website and the most important is we can collect emails of visiter by using email submission in the footer. It is the best eCommerce template for blogger in 2021.


It very attractive template for book websites or Affiliate marketing websites niche related to education because in this template you can found the design or features related to study or education. You can make a Courses website by using this theme or you can start your school or coaching website by using this. The most important of this template is design or look and fonts style which used in categories.

  • The header section is very attractive which fully made by using CSS. In the header section, you can found a menu section with very attractive fonts and attractive blue background. you can change the background color of the header section.
  • Many colors are used in this templates just like the below side of the header section categories section is placed and different-different colors are used to display different- different categories. And the right side of the category section you can found Cart bottom with numerical represention.
  • You can add the author name first or then add product and product description.
  • In last we want to discuss the most important thing. There were so many HTML codes or CSS files are used to make templates attractive the speed of the website decrease due to the use of CSS files. you can use the paid applications to reduce page reloading speed. It is the best eCommerce template for blogger in 2021.


Ubook is also an online book e-commerce website template but the most important thing about Ubook is that. It is very responsive compare to the Books cart because it simple compare Books cart and fewer CSS files used in this template that’s why the reloading speed of templates is very less. You can also make an affiliate marketing website if your affiliate niche related to study material. in the header section logo and categories section is placed and after the header, a section slider is placed for books or authors of books. It is very light due to the colors used in these templates. It is the best eCommerce template for blogger in 2021.


It is a fitness product online e-commerce website template for the only blogger whose reloading speed is high due to CSS files and HTML codes. The reason for CSS codes is their design or features the sora template is a very attractive template. You can also make an affiliate marketing website if your affiliate marketing niche related to fitness.

Its design is very simple or very attractive. In the header section logo, or categories are placed or in the bottom side of headers section social media handles, add to cart, or contact section is there which used to help your customer. you can collect email for email marketing by email submission form in the bottom side of the header of the right side. It is the best eCommerce template for blogger in 2021.

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