The Salary of the blogger through blogging in 2021

Blogging is not a government or private job it is passion or work on your skill and your knowledge. Blogging is not a job that’s why is not fixed Salary of the blogger depends on his work or talent. Bloggers can earn money in many ways and in our last article/post we already discussed how to earn money through bloggers by using affiliate marketing, Google Adsense, and guest post. These three ways are very popular to earn money through blogging and blogging unlimited ways to earn money and depend on your thinking or experiment on your website. So in this, we discussed those ways of earning which are not popular in India but some people use it and earn money more Google AdSense or affiliate marketing. But in some ways, you must spend some investment. The Salary of the blogger depends on many things.

1.Sell Domain

Domain selling is a new and very impactful way to earn money through your blog or your Youtube channel because if any start any blog or any website they need the perfect Domain name or hosting. This way works only if you have a lot of fanbases that follow you.

If you search domain name then you got price high more than ₹10,000 then you understand that the Dain already registered it means this domain sold or anyone buys it and sells this domain at the very price which is 1000% times or more of the real price of this domain.

you can also sell a Domain at a very-very high price compared to the real price of a domain. But first, you need to choose a perfect or attractive domain name to buy or many chances to any needs this domain name then you can sell your Domain name at a very-very high price.

To choose the perfect or attractive Domain name you need to follow some steps or know about some things. Or you have must be paid tools that help to choose the perfect Domain name. You must use ahrafs tool which helps to find keyword search, traffic, and competition.

First, you must know which type of Domain most will buy. The Domain which has already most of the traffic, or low competition then peoples can buy easily at any cost it does not price of Domain the most matter thing is traffic.

you know, Amazon. Com and is the most popular website in the world. peoples take Domain name such type, Flipkart. org,, and much more Domains similar to this.

The most important question arises at this is” why peoples buy this type of Domain Name”. the Answer of this question is very simple in This Domain to have very high traffic millions traffic to the main domain just and another domain name.

You can easily sell to your followers or fans with some explanation or some proof. but how can sell a domain those peoples have not any audience or fanbase. The only solution to those people is to sell Domain through Websites, applications, Facebook groups.

On our internet, many types of websites exist, and some websites for sell Domains. in these websites, many new peoples who start blogging or make website comes to these websites want to perfect domain name or hosting. You can sell your Domain easily through these articles.

How can sell your Domain in these website?

If you want to sell your domain first you must write an affected or attractive article about your Domain name or share it these websites some websites, or in the article, you can share data such that traffic, traffic source, or competition that’s easy to choose to buyer o perfect domain name.

In This way, no Salary of a blogger is fixed because a blogger’s salary depends on work or experience but I tell you one thing your salary regularly increases, and in Domain selling salary depends on your Domain name. If domain mane has millions of traffic then you can sell it Domain at any cost up to crore rupees.

Some ways to earn money through blogging are we already discussed in our article/blog which available on our website. You must read this article for more information about affiliate marketing, Google Adsense, and Guest posts.

If you have not to google AdSense approval then you use google AdSense alternative ads website to place ads on your website. Adult websites use the alternative of Google AdSense for earning.

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