The Best way to Download reels video or save to your galaxy

Instagram is the most popular social media platform in the world than Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. But Instagram does not give money like Youtube or Facebook to their users. YouTube and Facebook some rule to earn money through these Social media platforms. But Instagram is so popular than these social media platforms because on Instagram many famous actresses, actors, and athletes are always active or post their photos or videos regularly.

And the most important thing about Instagram you can tag anyone on Instagram on your photos or video ever you can tag any celebrity or leader.

When the Indian Government bans the most popular short video application of china due to some security reasons of the public of India. Then Instagram launches its short video features it and names it reels. After this, the most of users of Instagram redirect to Instagram and started making videos.

But In Instagram, there was no option to download Instagram reels or save them in our mobile gallery. But some of the applications can provide features to Download reels video or save reels video into your mobile phone gallery. But there were many problems with this application and many chances of Instagram can block your Account according to Instagram’s privacy policy. The privacy policy of Instagram you can not use other applications to gain followers, likes, comments. But we can use one way to download reels with the safety of our Instagram account or without the use of another application.

How to Download

we already discussed how to download Instagram reels video ( Instagram short video) with the use of some other application. And we also know about the problems of this application on our Instagram account due to the privacy policy of Instagram.

But we have one best way to download Instagram reels video ( Instagram short video) without any volition of the privacy policy of Instagram because we do not use another application to download Instagram reels video ( Instagram short video).

In Instagram, reels video bottom side of Comment section share to story option was there. So first click on this then next you can found the editing option of the Story section.

In the editing section of Story, you can found many tools and one of them is saved tools included in all tools. So first adjust your reel size which you want to download and then click on save bottom then next after 2 to 3 sec your reel video was saved on your Mobile phone gallery. You can share this post (reels download, Instagram reels download) with your friend or family for their information about Instagram.

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