Now you see The effect of coronavirus grows regularly in India and many people’s dia. Many lost their jobs and many quit their job for their safety and his/her family safety. But must need money to survive in nature or in our society.
The new generation and new technology grow regularly that’s why many go into the online sector to earn money and grow their business.
The technology helped many peoples to grow their businesses. After Lockdown most, the peoples do not visit shops to their health and his/her family safety. Then you need to reach to them to sell your products. It does not mean that your products through walking one street to another street. You can reach them in many ways, but online is one of the best and safe ways.
It is so beneficial for you and your customer’s view of safety. Your customer feels safe and secure.

So in this blog, you found many social media handles for business. There was many to reach peoples online but in this article/blog we only know about simple or easy. So many benefits of online marketing but some important benefits are-

  1. you can reach more peoples in less time without any contact with them. In this way, you can way save your time and feel safe or secure. And the other benefit of online marketing is you need to waste your time in show your products to customers. one time click best or attractive pictures or share on social media platforms. There are so many social media platforms available in the play store, App store, or online. But some social media platforms are popular in India just like- WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Sharechat. We study These social media platforms or how to sell our products on these social media platforms. Before creating any social media account you need to do some works which so necessary to run your business on the social media platform.
  2. First, you need to choose your business name related to your business and which can attract other peoples. Then next you create Logo or banner which also attract peoples. Many websites are available in online which make a free logo or many paid website which make your business logo more attractive. And start your business online


Many social media platforms are available in online but we choose only some social media platform for you which is easy to manage or understand. Some social media handles for business are.


WhatsApp is the very chatting application all over the world. the number of users of WhatsApp who use WhatsApp regularly is almost 500 crore all the world. It is a very large number and we compare to it total pollution it almost 75% of the total population in the world. Many peoples use to chatting, entertainment, and very few peoples use it for work, and business. WhatsApp also launched WhatsApp business for businessmen.

It is very beneficial for businessmen and many big companies started with WhatsApp one of them is
You can run a Business at WhatsApp business. You can add your Product, Product image, product price, and your create your own catalog. And the other advantage of WhatsApp is you can manage product stock, sales, Delivery products. The big problem was that in WhatsApp you chat only in your contact. But many websites sell software for WhatsApp numbers. you can purchase the theme for WhatsApp business and grow your business.

Facebook .

The biggest social media platform is Facebook and you can chat with others easily and make them friends. Facebook provides Three ways to grow your business or do your work and the ways are- Facebook page, Facebook Group, and Facebook marketplace.

Facebook page .

Facebook page is the best one of them because if you complete 10000 followers or 1000 watching hours then you are to monetize your Facebook page. you can create a Facebook page to sell your products online. You create your Facebook page by the easy way first open. Facebook goes to your profile and on the bottom side, you can page then click in it and choose an option and choose the page, profile picture, or profile setting.

Facebook group .

The anther is best Features of Facebook is the Facebook group. you Can grow your business rapidly by using the Facebook group. In your Facebook group, anyone can share articles.
Facebook is only one feature any can watch or see your post and anywhere. you easily create a Facebook group from your Facebook account.

Facebook marketplace .

The marketplace of Facebook is the best option to only sell your new products, and old products and you can also generate 10 to 20 sales daily by using the Facebook marketplace. But some problems come with the Facebook marketplace is that you post 2 products at the same time. If you do work against Facebook marketplace privacy then your Facebook marketplace was disenabled and again you can not sell your products in the Facebook marketplace and your Facebook account also locked.

Instagram .

Instagram is the best platform to sell your product all over the world and chat with anyone in the world. Many peoples use it to sell their products and do their work. You can also use it to sell your products.
First, you create an Instagram account and switch it in to business account and post your image regularly and tag peoples who interested in your products.


If you have knowledge about SEO (search engine optimization) then YouTube is best for you. By YouTube, you reach peoples who interested in your products in less time. You can earn money From YouTube by montize your channel and you have ways to earn from YouTube.

Other Social media handels.

Many other media handles have more followers. you can also sell your products.
social media handles are- Sharechat, Snapchat, TakaTak, and other many social media handles for business.

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