Now after seeing the condition of the world, every person secures their earnings by doing a part-time job. Today most of the middle class are financially weak due to Family Covid-19. People understood that we need more than one source of Earning. In this blog/post you will get to know the source of some online earning without any investment. Many people find ways to earn money online but they do not find the right way to earn money (EARN MONEY WITHOUT INVESTMENT.) but in this post, you have been told many good ways to earn money online.

1.BloggingBlogger, WordPress, Spotify
2.Affiliate MarketingAmazon, Hostinger
5.AdvertiseInstagram, Facebook, Youtube
6.Sell Instagram Account And Facebook PageInstagram, Facebook
7.Referral codeshare chat, Meesho
8.FreelancerFreelancer, Upwork’s, LinkedIn
9.web designFreelancer, Upwork’s, LinkedIn
10.Data EntryLinkedIn,,

Best 10 Best Way‘s to how to earn money online without investment


Part-time jobs are so rewarding for a middle-class person. Every person wants to convert their dreams into reality but the middle-class family does not have much money to fulfill their dreams. An online part-time job is best for earning your dreams and extra money for your family. Blogging is the best way to earn money online.

1. Earn money by Blogging

Blogging is not difficult and impossible. If you do hard work and technical work then you will be successful. Blogging in simple words just create a website and write an article on your website or create an article in Google. But Blogging is not such a Create Blog and rank your website. There are many things necessary to rank your website. A backlink is required to rank the website. There are two types of backlinks, one is Do follow and the other is No follow. Do Rank Backlink is very important to rank the website in Google.

We can create a website in the first way, the first way is Blogger and the second way is WordPress. We make a website in Blogger for free, we need a High-Level Domain and the Best Quality Hosting.

Hostinger is the best Quality Hosting and high-level Domain provider at a cheap price. you can buy hosting for 1 year, 2 years, and 4 years from Hostinger. if you want to purchase Hosting or Domain from Hostinger then can visit now from the Discount link below.


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2. Make Money by Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing works like a Retailer. But there is no investment in affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing in Simple Language is similar to selling the product to others. Many E-commerce websites will provide you products. If you sell a product to your Customer, you get a commission. The commission is given on the basis of the product.

Many Campines provide you with products to do marketing. Such as Amazon, Flipkart, Hostinger, and E-commerce Companies. But the best and easiest way is the Amazon affiliate program. If you want to create an account in the Amazon affiliate program, then please go to the site and if you want more information about the Amazon affiliate program and Affiliate marketing, then please visit my Youtube channel Dune Techofficial. Affiliate marketing is also the best way to earn money online.

3. Reselling.

Reselling is the best way to earn money online without investment in India and this is the best way to earn money from your home. This is very beneficial for Housewives or women. Reselling is a very easy way to earn money from your home. Many e-commerce companies provide you to sell products. You can sell these products at your Own Profitable Price. You can start your own company like Flipkart or Amazon [Visit my YouTube channel Dune techofficial for more information. But some Campines show very Attractive Products Images but both are in many images in Real. First of all, I am aware of these e-commerce websites. Meesho is like these websites but most of the products are good but some products are not good. Choose only the best quality products for your Customer

earn money from youtube

4. Earn money online with You tube

People always talk about which is the best Blogging or Youtube. Here we do not talk about which one is the best. Youtube is Google’s most successful video platform. For your information, let me tell you that 80% of the total population receives Information Video or YouTube and the remaining 20% gets knowledge or information from other platforms.

youtube is the best way without investment. The main and important thing you got from Youtube is that you can get populism and money from Youtube. Most of you in India make tubers up to the money per month. For more information about Youtube, visit my Youtube channel Dune techofficial.

5. Advertise

Advertisement is most necessary to grow your business. But now is the time to use advertisement to develop a youtube channel, Instagram account, and many more. Some people make money through their Instagram account, youtube channel, and Facebook Group. You can also earn money from these social platforms.

The first step is that you should have more than 10k followers in your Instagram account. And Second Step, switch your Instagram account to a business account and write the advertisement article and share it on your Instagram account. Many people want their Instagram account to grow rapidly. These people can massage you to share their profile photo in their story. , Then you can charge money according to your followers

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6. Sell Instagram account and Facebook page

Selling an Instagram account and Facebook page means selling an Instagram account or Facebook page to someone else for money. Many websites provide you with a platform to sell or buy an Instagram account or Facebook Page. Many want to earn money from affiliate marketing, but they do not have many followers in their Instagram account. He then buys the Instagram account Facebook Page by selling or buying the website.

Some websites you provide platforms to sell your Instagram account or Facebook page –,,, and many more. If you buy an Instagram account for a cheap price, please mail me at This is the best way to earn money without investment in India.

7. Referral Code

Many you tubs are useful in your YouTube videos or in your own social media handle and tell about many apps or websites. Why do they do this? They only share or follow these big apps for money or money. They share their own referral code with the visiting person. If the viewer downloads the application through their referral code, they get paid.

You can also do this with your social media handle. Some sharing apps are – Google Pay, Rodham, Phone pay, Lime Road, MyTeam11, Cash Ninja, etc…

8. Freelancer

Freelancer is the best way to earn money from your home without investing online (earn money without investment online). But freelancer job-specific skills which is related to a computer such as web designing, video editing, data entry, etc. Many companies provide JOBs to people at home according to talent. Some Skills You Should Have for Freelancer Jobs – Social Media Marketing, Writing & Editing Content, Graphic Design, Photography, etc…

Some websites that you provide freelancer JOB from your home –,,etc…

Web Designing

9. Web Design

Web Designing is one of the best freelancer jobs in the world. All companies want the Best Web Designer to work in their company. The best web designer is ready to give high value to the heir. The most important in a web designer is you know about the knowledge – JavaScript, CSS, C + and C ++. If you learn then you can start your own company.

If you learn then you can start your own company. Same benefits as web designing job –

  • you can develop a website.
  • you can also make an application or app.
  • companies gave you the salary
  • you have many opportunities of many companies.
  • you can start your own campiness on a low budget.

10. Data Entry

For the students who want to earn money, Data Entry is the best part-time job. Many smaller ones give you Data Entry at the best price. You can easily learn data entry from many government technical institutes. You get paid according to your daily work.

Many companies offer ₹ 500 to ₹ 2000 per hour. Some companies that you provide data entry jobs-,,,

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