Many peoples want to earn MONEY BY BLOGGER in an easy way. but they, not the right way to earn money. online is the best way to earn money online for these people. so in this blog, we got the best idea to earn money from home online.

Blogger is the best way to make money online from and it is also the best way to make a name on social media by your own website like a big website. you can create your own website on blogger by using some tools of blogger. the benefits you got in blogger is that- you can create a website that is free, you got a free SSL certificate, you do not need any setting for HTTPS or HTTP. but there were some big problems which can damage your website in future some problems are – after some time your website gone slow due to a huge load of the post, you got Domain name which not look big website which damage your website impression.

very few peoples know how we earn money by website/blog or youtube. We earn money from websites in Many ways just like- Google Adsense, Guest post, affiliate marketing, and any other way. so in this, we are going to know how to earn money by the website. it is the best way to earn money by blogger (blogger se Kaise kamaye).

if any person makes a website first the person wants to earn money by Google Adsense but only google Adsense not paid lot of money that fills the requirement of blog and website, then we need to make another way to earning source. then next choice is affiliate marketing. affiliate marketing is also two types one is product selling or another tool, Domain, Hosting, and ebook selling. you can choose an affiliate marketing company on your own website niche. if your website niche related to – love, health, home design, decoration, books, fashion, or any more. then Amazon affiliate marketing program is best for you. if website niche related to – Internet, blogging, Education, Bussiness, youtube, and many more. if you want to make a big website/blog then you need a high-Level Domain or Best quality Hosting. Hostinger is the best high-quality hosting provider at the cheap price

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On the internet, Google Adsense is the best advertisement company. Google AdSense manage blogging website or also manage youtube channel which monetized. you can apply for your website on google Adsense easily. there were no rules to apply on Google Adsense. but by the experience of some big bloggers say that we need to follow some rules to get Goggle Adsense approval. it is the best way to blogger se Kaise kamaye.

some rules are- in your website have a minimum of 15 posts are posted, no copyright issue in your website just like- copyrighted images, copyrighted article.

you get paid money on basis of CPC (cost per click) and CPM (cost per thousand views). the CPC means that if any viewer clicks on ads and any action are done then google paid money according to today’s CPC rate. if your ads got one thousand views then you google Adsense paid money according to today CPM.

the CPC and CPM vary from country to country or according to website niche. In the USA or Uk google Adsense paid more CPC and CPM than other countries. and also varying factor is website niche if your website niche is adult type then Google Adsense paid more CPC and CPM compare to other website niche.


Affiliate marketing is another best-earning source of money that increases monthly or yearly revenue. there were two types of affiliate marketing according to website niche. one is product selling in which best for these website- love, family, fashion, health, beauty, Decoration, home management, and many more. and another type of affiliate marketing is Selling Online tools, Domain, Hosting, Ebooks, and many more.

If website niche related to product selling then Amazon affiliate program is best for you in india and in USA because in india Amazon affiliate program easily approve any account and peoples easily believe on Amazon and in USA Amazon paid high commission rate upto 60% or more.

If website niche related to online Tools, Domain, Hosting selling. then many hosting or Domain selling companies active on india which allow to do affiliate marketing for these companies. the some best Hosting companies is Hostinger or bluehost. I recommend only these two companies because these companies give best hosting at very cheap price.



Guest posts one of the best-earning sources for successful websites because of the guest posts. many new bloggers send you articles to post on the website and give you some money to post articles on your own successful website. the average Guest post is almost $20 to $50 in India it also varies according to country. it is not earning source for beginners. it is the best way to blogger se Kaise kamaye.

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