How much blogger do make through blogging?

Their was so much confusion about blogger and vlogger first we tell about diffraction between blogger and vlogger.

Blogger– Blogger is google platform which helps peoples to make their own site on free. And blogging is also related to this blogging means the passion who choose it.

Vlogger- Vlogger is also passion but is not related to information technology or HTML language. It is the only way to explore tourist places or beautiful places.

Blogger income regularly increases according to his work or blogger talent. There was not only one way to earn money from blogger. Their many different ways to earn money blogger and some popular ways to earn money from blogger are- Google AdSense, Affiliate marketing, Guest post, or many ways to earn money through blogging.

There were also many ways to earn money through a website, but they do not come in blogging because those websites are controlled by the organization, company, and any special country. These websites do not earn money through Google Adsense, Affiliate marketing, and guest posts they earn money through customers directly by providing service, Courses, and useful content. There was another type of website on Our internet that can not be tracked and you can not find a location on this website. And these websites are known as Red room and Dark web.

In Red Room or Dark Room much illegal work or activity is done secretly and some illegal activities are Hacking, Sale drugs, touching, Slaving, and many illegal activities are also done. Governments cannot close the Dark web or Red Room because these websites are highly secure or not found on the internet easily without knowledge of coding or HTML language.

So again comes in our topic and we are going to know earn ways through websites one by one so first we start with google adsense its means by ads.

1.Google AdSense.

Google AdSense one of the best ads platforms on the internet or it is one of the best and only one source for beginners bloggers. It is not the only a source to earn money for beginners there was many google Adsense alternative is available but they not revenue like Google Adsense. Google Adsense generates your revenue according to the CPC rate or CPM rate in your article keyword. CPC (Cost per click) means the cost of one click on your website ads and the CPM (Cost per thousand impressions) Means the cost per 1000 impressions f your website ads. These CPC and CPM depend on your Website niche or your article keyword. If your website related to technology or your article keyword related to any application then the CPC rate is very high compared to the normal keyword and the CPC rates are increased up to $40 in only click. And CPM rates depend on your website niche or your article keyword.

If you have a new website or you want to get google AdSense approval then you read or know about google AdSense’s privacy policy. It helps you to wark easily on your website through google Adsense. you must read this privacy policy of Adsense and some policies of AdSense are.

  • you can not use images of other websites and if you want to use images of other websites then you must give credit of the image of the website and write about the image owner below the side of the images and you can also use free copyright images in your website without any copyright problem of google AdSense.
  • You can not also use content or article from another website. If anyone gives you an article to publish in your article just like a guest post. First, check pilgrimage of the article through pilgrimage checker Tools which available on google for free. you can only publish those articles in which pilgrimage is above 90%.

The major two policies google Adsense are discussed but there was three main strategy use to get AdSense approval on websites. In blogger websites, some strategies are different from WordPress. All three strategies are – Post/article, pages ( privacy policy, contact us, disclaimer, about us), and last is website traffic. So first start with the article/post.

  • If using a blogger to run your website then your website must contain more than 20 articles/blogs which fully SEO optimized and all articles indexed on google without any error. If you use WordPress to run your website then your website must contain more than 25 articles and other things some like blogger.
  • And the second most important strategy for getting google AdSense approval is in your website you must publish these four pages – privacy policy, contact us, disclaimer, about us. And these all four indexed in google or second strategy for both user WordPress or Blogger its do not matter.
  • The last and most profitable strategy is traffic on your blog. It does not give a great impact on your google AdSense approval it gives an impact on your income through your blog.

2. Affiliate marketing

It is the second and best way to earn money through a blog and website with AdSense. Many companies launch their affiliate program and they allow peoples to do affiliate marketing through your website or earn money from your Home. First, you know about affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing- It is a way to sells products. The big companies approach peoples to sell their products to customers then these companies give money to peoples who generated sales for these companies according to the commission rate of products. In India, many affiliate companies work and one of the best is Amazon affiliate marketing which name is Amazon Association. Which easily peoples can believe and buy products and many peoples India do affiliate marketing and earn fifty lakh per month.

Know more about Amazon affiliate marketing. you Can only found physical products on Amazon, not online products just like hosting, courses, Online tools. In tech blogs, these products can be sold easily compare to another website. The Hostinger to Domain provider company for affiliate marketing is Hostinger affiliate. And many websites also provide tools and courses to sell.

You can easily make affiliate website for specially for affiliate marketing buy using blogger.

3. Guest post

Guest post is the third and last way to earn money through the website on our list. And the guest post is not for beginners or for a new website. It is only for those websites whose age is a minimum of 1 year, Whose Domain authority is 50 and 1 lakh traffic then you got maximum cost for guest posting. The Guest post means that anyone gives you an article or money to post on your website. and the cost of one guest post is $50 to $100.

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