Earn money during lockdown in India online

We all suffer from very dangerous epidemic coronavirus and. We all are lock in our house and many peoples don’t reach their home or many people try to reach. The lockdown continues to more than 12 months which many families by economically. That’s why we publish an article on how to earn money during the lockdown in India online. Many peoples work in factories, offices, and many peoples run their business. But due to present situation these all workplaces closed and the income source of many peoples are closed. So that time only one way to earn money and it is online.

Online is only one way to do work without any touch with other people. And you can also do your work from home and from any place in the world. We know that we earn money online but we don’t know-how.

So in this article/blog, we are going to know about the best and easy source of online money earning works. In this article/blog only we talk about those online works which easy to learn. And easy to do or you can also continue in the future for part-time. You are also found here those hard work which is so beneficial in the future but not in the present. If you have time you can do this work and increase your revenue. The most important is you have a good internet connection, smartphone, and if you have a Laptop or system it is good for work and easy to do work.

Earn money online.

There were many ways to earn money online some examples are- Software developers, software engineers, application developers, and many more. But in these all work we need a lot of knowledge or experience. So that’s why in this blog/article we not read about these work only read about only simple online works. Some examples of simple works are – Affiliate marketing, Dropshipping, Blogging, Data entry, and many more other works.

1. Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is the best way to earn money during the lockdown in India online and in other countries also. Already many big bloggers in India which money up to ten lakh per month by doing affiliate marketing. And new bloggers in India also earn money from affiliate marketing. I already talk about affiliate marketing in elder posts deeply and in these posts, there were many affiliate website examples.

Some matters affect the revenue of any blogger in India and in other developing countries like India. The most affected thing is the commission rate of affiliate products and affiliate courses. In most developed the commission rate better than in developing countries. It is the only factor that the commission rate of the USA is greater than India and developing countries.

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2. Drop shipping

Dropshipping is just like affiliate marketing thing is similar just like Website provides you product to sell other. But only one thing is deference in affiliate marketing and Drop shipping is that. In affiliate marketing fixed commission rate on products on another side. Dropshipping you can fix product price by adding your own margin.

Your revenue depends on your selling talent. If you have the talent to sell products at price and if able to approach peoples to buy its products at a higher price. Then you can generate more revenue compared to affiliate marketing.

if you don’t knowledge about How to sell products to others then Affiliate marketing is the best choice for you. In affiliate marketing, you need a website/youtube channel to create an Affiliate account on any website. I also posted an article On my website on how to make a website on google for free you can read this. If you aren’t able to understand the article you can also watch my video and create your own website for free. Video link is Make a website is free and. YouTube channel name is SAM KI TECH you can visit now for online earning videos.

Many online websites available which provide products dropshipping some websites are- Messho, Shopify, Lay road and many more. For more information click on this link- Top 10 earning source. Dropshipping is Best to earn money during the lockdown in India online

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3. Earn money during lockdown in India online by blogging.

Blogging is one of the best online money-earning sources in India. There were many new sources created by blogging to earn money just like Domain selling, Guest- post, sponsorship, and more. But in blogging, we must spend a lot of time up to 1 year to 2 years. If successful In blogging then You earn money regularly and regularly your Increase if you work hard.

Blogging means create a website, publish an article or rank your website. These three-step steps involve just like- SEO based article, Backlinks, Copy free article and more steps are involved in it.

I wrote the article on Affiliate marketing, Dropshipping, Blogging, and many more easy earning sources. You must read this article for more information about these online earning sources.

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