Today, Amazon’s search volume or affiliate marketing is increased suddenly up to 100 to 200%. It means many peoples start doing Affiliate marketing due to the coronavirus epidemic and many other reasons. I also published too many articles/blogs on my website about Affiliate marketing marketing or amazon affiliate marketing India. But I think now we need to write a new article on Amazon affiliate marketing or Affiliate marketing because many things changed on affiliate marketing and our marketing strategy is so old compared to today’s competition and future.

The New beginners easily understand new Affiliate marketing strategy or Amazon affiliate marketing strategy compare to old affiliate marketing bloggers. But the old affiliate marketing bloggers have experience of many years which easily beat the new beginners

The new generation has many options or ways to Affiliate marketing. One of the biggest ways is in their hand it means that they can affiliate marketing through their mobile phone or laptop from anywhere of world

In the past very few ways to sell your Products online But now many ways to sell our products just like- Facebook marketplace, Instagram, Facebook group, and. many more ways to sell Amazon products to our customers this is possible through Technology. And The Technology grows regularly.


Affiliate marketing is very to learn and do many companies provide affiliate marketing courses and. The many also these affiliate marketing courses at a very high price. After reading the affiliate marketing they also need practice. They spend so much money and time learning affiliate marketing and then they do the practice. On another side, Many peoples start affiliate without any Affiliate marketing. Both peoples got success on affiliate marketing but The peoples who direct start blogging get in success. I do not explain to them why.

In Affiliate marketing many companies provide you product links and then you sell their products through your own affiliate product link. The companies fixed the commission rate of products. After the product delivered and the Replace order date expired then you got many according to the commission rate of the product. The Commission rate of products in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, and developing is very less than a Developed country just like- USA, Uk, and other developed countries.

amazon affiliate marketing India.

If you want to start affiliate marketing in India then you have many options just like – messho, Shopify, Amazon, Hostinger, and more. But Amazon is one the best affiliate marketing websites in India with millions of products. And the most important thing is that many peoples easily believe in. Amazon because Amazon is one most the e-commerce biggest company and it is so much trustable.

On my website you can found so many articles about it. Amazon affiliate marketing and in these articles/blog So much information about Amazon. If you want to know about the amazon affiliate product commission rate and the affiliate link.

Amazon Affiliate Program image source is


Here the most important question arises that how we sell amazon affiliate products. there were many to sell Amazon affiliate products some ways are. Sell Amazon products through – Facebook marketplace, Instagram, youtube, blog/website, Facebook page, Facebook group, and other many ways to sell amazon products online. If you want to sell amazon regularly and your customer come back then you can sell your amazon products On Instagram.

First You create an Instagram account and switch it to your business profile edit your profile like proffesnial businessman. And make a brand Logo And add it to your profile in the bio you must add your WhatsApp no. Then upload product images regularly with tags. and wait for the customer who wants to buy. You can also sell products on social media platforms just like -Facebook and whatsapp

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