20 best online jobs for students to earn money at home

we decide to write an article on online jobs for students to earn money at home after noticing its search volume in google or other search Browser. The search for Online jobs increases suddenly in India after lockdown up to 200%. Before the lockdown, the search volume of online jobs for students to earn money at home is about 19 to 30 searches volume per month. A But after Lockdown started the search volume increase up to 10,000 per month. Most students in India after completing their secondary level education want the best online jobs for their higher education or monthly expenditure. And many students learn new technology and culture and accept this and work in it.

The search volume of Online jobs for students increases suddenly. This Graph shows that the students of India leave government jobs or accept new online technical jobs and many students get interested or work on it and enjoy it. Search volume of Online jobs means that students want to do technical work like web designing, Application development, video editing, Data entry, and many other online jobs in India. Which paid high income like these online jobs. The students have a lot of time to learn about anything that’s in this article you many online jobs which need special skills or training. And in this article, you found How to learn these skills or how you got training for better jobs.

Some online jobs for students to earn money at home without investment that not needs any money to start it- Freelancing, Affiliate marketing, Data entry, and many other online jobs available in my list but they need some investing before starting or after starting. Some online jobs for students to earn money at home on mobile available on my list which easy to learn and easy to do. If you don’t have a laptop or system them you don’t you also found many online jobs which you do easily through your mobile and earn a lot of money in less. First, you read about the list, and then after you read about these online jobs for students in deeply or examples.

We already publish Articles/blogs on the top 10 Online jobs for students in India without any investment. But the companies or jobs which I was suggested are updated by analysis search volume or competition on online jobs in future. That’s why we publish another article on online jobs in India without any investment. You can also read this article for more information about online jobs for students. The many things I not explained in my current article/blog which I explained in my this article/blog which I published in my past.

If you want to read this article and you want more information then you read this. To read this article/blog click on the link given below.


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online jobs for students to earn money at home without investment

1.BloggingBlogger, WordPress
2.Affiliate MarketingAmazon, Hostinger, Bluehost
3.ResellingMeesho, Spotify
5.AdvertiseInstagram, Facebook, Youtube
6.Sell Instagram Account And Facebook PageInstagram, Facebook
7.Referral codesharechat, Meesho
8.web designFreelancer, Upwork’s, LinkedIn
9.Data EntryLinkedIn, naukri.com, Shine.com
10.3D Graphics Upwork, Freelancer
11.Book Designer jobUpwork, Freelancer
12.DropshippingUpwork, Freelancer
13.Email Handler jobsUpwork, Freelancer
14.Fashion DesignerUpwork, Freelancer
15.HTML DeveloperUpwork, Freelancer
16.iOS DeveloperUpwork, Freelancer
17.logo DesignerUpwork, Freelancer
18.SurveyUpwork, Freelancer
19.video editor Upwork, Freelancer
20.website freelancerUpwork, Freelancer

best 20 online jobs for students.

The 20 jobs which read in the table all paid you a lot of money if you do hard work or do work on time. Most jobs are related to one field and the field is a freelancer. A freelancer is a group of many works and many different- different works added to it, like fashion designers and 3D animation films. But I not talked about these online jobs on my list because you need money or a work certificate in these works. If you really want to do these jobs, you first got training online and then get an examination and then must you have the certificate. then you can apply for these jobs. we also explain about jobs but not in deeply we only tell about how you join in course or how you certificate in less time. let start our article/blog from the first earning source.


First I put Blogging because I want to give you information about that way of online jobs which involve in most online earning for students without investment to grow another online job. That’s why I tell you about blogging first. But the bad disadvantage of blogging is it needs time at means about 1 year for 1st earning. if you have a lot of time then start blogging. And the very best advantage is you have an unlimited source to earn money by blogging. the unlimited source of earning depends on you or on your thinking. this is the best online job for students to earn money at home.

Blogging very simple – create a website, write an article/blog, and rank your article on yours. Then your website AdSense approval after approval google place ad on your website and then google paid money according to your website traffic or CPC, CPM rate.

You can do blogging in two ways one by free and another by investment. we understand one by one deeply. First, we try to understand blogging for free.

Blogging in free.

You can create a website for free without any investment and without any problem in starting 1 year. We have many ways to make a website for free and the website provides you with a platform to create a website. But the best blogging platform is a blogger. Blogger is a website designing platform for beginners. You can go with a blogger or make your own website now and start earning. But some disadvantages also their and some advantage. first, we discuss the disadvantages of bloggers.

Disadvantage of blogger.

  • If you use a blogger for blogging, you must know about HTML language for any changes in your website. You cannot do any changes to the website Without HTML codes. But the advantage is many websites provide you HTML codes to do any changes to your website.
  • The next and most bad disadvantage is that- if you doing blogging for more than 6 months then your website slowly- slowly decrease down and then website ranking goes down or revenue decrease. The solution to this problem is to shift your website to WordPress for some time.

Advantage of Blogger.

  • The first and big advantage of a blogger is it provides you a platform to create a website for free without any investment. and blogger provides Free SSL certification. if you purchase an SSL certificate for website security, you paid 800 to 5000 for one SSL certificate.
  • You can easily get AdSense approval for your website. The blogger provides Domain names for free ( Blogspot.com).

Blogging with investment.

If you want to earn money in the future for a long time then must spend money on blogging. There were many big companies are available but the most popular or best company is WordPress. Because WordPress collaborates with another company to provide you best features for your website. WordPress collaborates with woo commerce, which helps people make e-commerce websites in WordPress or easy to manage.

Blogging needs their things first is a Domain name, second is Hosting and the last and third is Hosting platform. If we start blogging through WordPress, we need High-level Domain or best-quality hosting. The best High-level domain or Best quality Hosting provider company is hostinger which provides you domain or hosting at a very cheap price compare to another domain or hosting provider company.

Some advantages of hostinger which help you to make the best website. Hostinger provides large storage or a high-speed server that easily loads your website in less time than another hosting provider company. On my website already an article available that gives you more information about hosting, domain, or hostinger you must read it now. These are the best online jobs for students to earn money at home.



if you are a beginner, you must purchase single web Hosting / Shared web hosting. If you want to make only one website, you purchase single web hosting or if you want to make more than one website, you must purchase shared hosting. if you want to purchase please click on this or click on the image below.

The next or most important is income or revenue the income of blogging generated by Google AdSense but only google Adsense is not a way to earn money from blogging many infinite ways to earn money by blogging. It only depends on your thinking. If you want to know about Google Adsense or ads website, you must click on the given link below. Or if you want to develop your website by a freelancer, you contact with by mail or comment section or my Gmail Id is dunetechytofficial@gmail.com.

The most important advantage about blogging is that no age limit or anyone was blogging ever kid can blogging whose age is 10 or 12 years. Many bloggers are in which earn money up to lakh per month or more by blogging or his age almost 12 to 16 years. it is the best online job for students age 16. it is the best online jobs for students to earn money at home

2. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing best way to earn money instantly or it is also the best part-time work for students or anyone. In affiliate marketing only need to work 1 to 2 hours a day. Affiliate is just selling products of another company or earn money. The full explanation of affiliate marketing is that many companies provide you products image or product links or share this product link to your customer or if customers purchase products through your product link, these companies give you a commission. The commission rate for any products was fixed but it varies according to country-wise. These are the best online jobs for students to earn money at home.

Many companies run their affiliate program to sell their products or grow their own company in India. The many companies put agreements before creating his affiliate account. And many companies allow peoples to make its affiliate account without many agreements and approve affiliate easily and rapidly. And affiliate marketing is two to three types. First is tools selling it means that many online works that need online tools to do work are why many companies allow people to sell their tools to others. Second is the domain or hosting selling many companies allow peoples to sell their Hosting or Domains to other and after sells generated these companies paid commission according to commission rate. And third or best is product selling affiliate marketing it means companies provide you product link or image you sell to others.

The best affiliate marketing website which you provide Domain or Hosting to sell is Hostinger. Because the commission rate is high than other hosting or domain selling companies and another advantage is it provides high-level domain or best quality hosting at a very cheap price. And the storage is also greater. You can join Hostinger Affiliate marketing by my affiliate link please click on the link given below.

The best product-selling affiliate marketing company in India is Amazon. Amazon runs their affiliate program name of Amazon association. The Amazon commission rate defers in different-different countries. The commission rate of the Amazon affiliate program is 50 to 60% and another side in India the maximum commission rate 12%. But Amazon the biggest e-commerce company in the world that’s why peoples easily believe in Amazon or easily buy Products from Amazon. And the most important thing is that anyone can do affiliate marketing or no age limit for doing affiliate marketing.

If you want to Do affiliate marketing and you earn money ₹1000 a day by doing affiliate marketing. Then we started a course of 10 videos for 30 days on YouTube for free. You can also learn about Affiliate marketing through my video and visit my YouTube channel SAM KI TECH. Or if you want to read about Affiliate marketing then you must visit my other Article/blog

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3. Reselling.

Reselling is just like a retail shop but it runs online or fully works done through one company. The explanation of reselling in simple language is – In reselling a company provides you products to sell your customer or you can sell your products anywhere or anyone. The biggest advantage of reselling is you can sell products on your own margin or your own brand name. But the one bad advantage of reselling is that. The companies run in India which allow peoples to do reselling they only provide Fashion products or some electronics products or the second most bad disadvantage of reselling is the most reselling companies not provide branded products they only provide local products very few branded products available on this company application. These are the best online jobs for students to earn money at home.

The worst advantage of reselling there was no future on reselling or you can not use it for a longer time. Because The reselling companies advertise their platforms on many popular social media handles or on YouTube. Many peoples already know about this app or it increases daily. How not future on reselling the direct order products or order clothes from these reselling websites or companies.

There were many companies run their application which allows peoples to do reselling or these company easily approve your account. Only a phone number is required or gender is required. Some popular reselling Apps in India are- messho, shop101, Dukan, and many other companies that also run their apps in India.

The most popular app among all reselling apps is messho because messho provides products at a very low price to compare to others reselling apps. You can start your reselling business with messho but some bad disadvantage I experienced during reselling through messho is the bad quality of some products. If you want to sell more then you should choose the best quality product or attractive product image. Many products available in messho which cloth quality is very good or its is also lower than market price. Messho provides a ₹100 Discount on his first order or if pays online then you ₹50 discount on every order.

Another best Reselling app is shop101 because it provides many features which so beneficial for you or your business. Shop101 is a very old and popular reselling company in India. Its best features are it provides you to make your own website in shop101 or you can easily customize own your ideas with tools provided by Shop101. Or you easily add products or Shop101. Another main advantage of shop101 is it provides a long description or full details about products or products rating.

In last I want to give you one tip for your reselling business if you choose products to post on your social media handles first check a public rating, Comments buyer image which posted in the rating section then you choose the best products for your customer. If you do not choose good quality products then the customer refunds its order they can abuse you for bad quality products or they can not want to purchase products through. Then you lost one customer or you see your business fall down after some time. that’s why necessary to choose the best quality products for your customer.

4. YouTube

YouTube is not a job or not a business but is the best money earning source for everyone or there was also no limit or no approval required. The YouTube video platform which you can watch videos or upload/publish your video for free. When YouTube was started then YouTube is not the money-earning platform for peoples it is only a video-watching or video publishing platform. When Google bought YouTube then google place ads on video or earn money or give some percent of the money of the video owner or video publisher. 80% of news of the whole world got through video and YouTube biggest video platform in the world. You can found many different-different types of videos available on YouTube which provide peoples knowledge, Entertainment, Education, awareness, and many types of videos available on youtube.

You can also earn money through YouTube by creating YouTube channels or publishing/uploading videos on it. In the First intro paragraph, I tell you that blogging or YouTube needs time to grow or earn money for almost 1 year. There were many categories available on youTube or many New are generated daily by new YouTubers. These categories contain many subcategories. If you have any knowledge or any skill then YouTube is the better way to earn money than information video or skills video grows fastly compare to normal video on YouTube. Another biggest benefits of youTube are if you reveal your face or show your face in your YouTube videos then after some time your face value increases. Face value means you become popular on youtube and you have a fanbase according to the subscriber. But the competition in YouTube very high compares to other online money-earning ways.

You Can easily create your own youtube channel first you must choose a niche which you want to make a video it and then after recognize yourself. YouTube is not very easy or not very hard the most important thing is patience or patience. The second step is to make a logo or channel art. you can easily create your logo free from canvas application you can use canvas application in android, IOS, or window or channel art also created through canvas application. Then after last and important step is to create a YouTube channel. You can create a youtube channel from mobile or Laptop p.c. first, you sign up on youtube or create an account option or choose your channel or then youtube ask the name. after your name is entered you can easily customize your own youtube channel. if you don’t understand about YouTube. then you learn about YouTube or YouTube channel through Video because the video is another best source to understand anything. You can visit YouTube channels or learn about YouTube free of cost.

The most and last topic how we earn money from YouTube the YouTube have very high volume compared to another video platform. The earning of YouTube comes through Google Ads or Google place Ads on your video after monetizing your channel. The youtube put some monetization criteria for beginners and the monetization criteria are if you complete 4000 watching an hour or 1000 subscriber then your can monetize your YouTube channel. Google places ads through Google Adsense. The privacy policy of Google AdSense is that you cant use copyright video or music. Copyright video or music means the video or music already available on youtube. If you Publish copyright video then your channel can not monetize or if you use copyright video after monetize then your monetization may be disabled or your Adsense account closed. You must need to read the privacy policy of Google AdSense for further information about Monetization.

If You want to start a YouTube channel you need some equipment for making videos or edit the video so you can purchase it from my affiliate link given below.

Click on Image to purchase now.

5.Advertise (Spornership)

Advertisement is not an old or popular way of online money earning it was generated by myself by experience or work on it. You Can try it or if you do not succeed in then you choose my next earning source which fully bases on this earning source. But after going to in next earning source we must try to know about this 5th earning source to do it. Advertisement means you share other products that give you money. In Simple language, it is known as Spornership. many companies provide you with products to say about their products to your audience or your fans. It is not fully Spornership because I added many other sources of earning in it which is not called Spornership. That’s why my heading is not fully Spornership. You Can do this work in three ways one is Facebook, and the second one is Instagram, and the third or last is YouTube.

This money earning source takes time to grow but if grows then it provides many earning ways which grow our monthly revenue or monthly income. But First, we must create Facebook, Instagram account, or YouTube channel in my last online earning source we discussed how we create a YouTube channel for free but I not tell how to create an Instagram account or Facebook page or group. You can easily create an Instagram account first install Instagram and sign up then after edit your profile add your profile picture, add your description or the last setting is to switch your account business about then your finely your Instagram account was created.

How to make facebook page or facebook group.

First, you create a Facebook account then after go into your profile in the lower side of your account option was there in among group option was also there. If you joined any Facebook group then also the group is showed or create group option was also there then you choose it or fill the form and your Facebook page was ready. Again go in your profile option or on the lower side facebook page option was there you choose it again all Facebook pages showed you joined. create Facebook page option was also there among all who choose it to make their own Facebook page.

After an Instagram account created you must need to gain 10k followers to get Spornership and my other way is to promote another Instagram account on your story or charge some money. The daily earning of your promotion depend on your Instagram followers. You can easily increase your Instagram followers by watching some YouTube videos. Facebook can also monetize or you can also earn but Facebook puts hard criteria and the criteria are you complete 10k followers or 1000 watching hours in just 3 months then your Facebook page be monetized. There was no age limit also.

6.Sell instagram account or Facebook page.

if you don’t want to earn money through advertising on Instagram or Facebook page then you can choose this way to earn instant. In my last online earning way, I promise to you if you do get success then I tell you another earning source in the next earning source. yes, can use your Instagram account or Facebook page to earn money instant or quick. But some criteria which you need to follow before selling an Instagram account or Facebook page. In your Instagram account, you must have more than 3k followers then your Instagram be sold rapidly. In my paragram, I tell how to create an Instagram account or how to gain followers on your Instagram account. Many peoples want to run their business or they want to make an international profile of the business and Instagram is the best way to make an international profile and they do not want to waste their own time to gain Instagram followers then direct-purchase Instagram account whose followers is high. the cost of Instagram depends on your Instagram followers.

just like Instagram, many peoples run their business then they want to make a Facebook page then again they purchase a Facebook page. the price of a Facebook page depends on your followers on the Facebook page

7. Referral code

Referral code is another unique way to earn money online if you have a great friend list of the huge fanbase. The money earns through is the new way or best way.

Many apps in india which paid money by referring his application link or sigh up and some companies give you clothes in free ny sharing his appliction link to other or other sing up to these application. You can simply earn money from these apps and its easy way also for bginners dont want spend so much time in online works.

The some online Money earning application india are. the Top 20 Money Earning Apps In India (2021)

No.application Name
1.Roz Dhan
7.Google Opinion Rewards
13.Dream 11
14.Rummy Circle
15.Earn Karo
18.Current Rewards
20.U Speak We Pay

8. web design, Data Entry, 3D Graphics, Book Designer job, Dropshipping, Email Handler jobs, Fashion Designer, HTML Developer, iOS Developer, Logo Designer, video editor, website freelancer

web design, Data Entry, 3D Graphics, Book Designer job, Dropshipping, Email Handler jobs, Fashion Designer, HTML Developer, iOS Developer, Logo Designer, video editor, website freelancer all are technical jobs and need some special skills just like in Web design we need knowledge about HTML language, Data entry we need typing skill, In 3D graphics, we need 3D video editing knowledge, In book designer, we need to knowledge about placement of words of placement of the image in the book, In drop shipping you must have knowledge about products, margin and customer requirement, Email Handler jobs you must knowledge about computer or google, Fashion designer you need art skills, HTML Developer you need HTML language or javascript knowledge, IOS developer needs knowledge about CSS, C+, C++ or HTML, logo designer need knowledge about the logo and its design.

If you have not any skill from this then you don’t fear we give you free course to get skills.

you can visit on www.skillshare.com.

you can visit now classcentral.com.

10. survey.

The is the last and easy way to earn money online. in this way you need to complete the survey after the survey, you got money. some survey platforms are- www.swagbucks.com

all ways which I discussed in this article all are for – online jobs for students age 16, online jobs for students after 10th, online jobs for students after 12th, online jobs for students work from home, and 20 best online jobs for students to earn money at home.

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